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Amélie - write

[31_days] untitled

31_days  10: Why fuss over a pair of legs?

Position 1: standing.

“I didn’t realize you were so...tall.”


“But -- three inches? Really?

“I want to see what you guys see when standing.”

“I don’t think our point of view’s that much better, actually. A few inches hardly make a difference.”

“No but, oh look, piggy-backing is effortless.” She didn’t even have to tiptoe.

Position 2: clamped.

Her arms were around his neck and he was slightly choking (not yet, but he was sure he’d get there if she continued to refuse any help to keep herself up). He was already bent forward but she was still slipping, her front creating friction against his back. Oh, god. “Come on, pull your legs around me.”

“Huh, why?”

“I thought you wanted a ride?”

Surprisingly, she did as she was told. “Awesome. I haven’t had one of these since I was like, nine.”

“Nine? That’s pretty old already, for a --”

She tried to kick him, as far as her legs would let her.

“Quit squirming!”

Position 3: outstretched.

He was laughing at her. “Okay, that was not my fault.”

“It was! You fucking dropped me!” She was on the ground with her back on the grass, and he knew she was okay because she was laughing with him.

“Someone hasn’t exercised in a long while,” he snickered. “Tell me honestly. Did you gain weight?”

“Oh, as if you look mighty fine yourself!” she retorted as she sat up.

He sat down next to her and gave her head a pat.

Position 4: cross-legged.

“I hope you regret wearing a skirt.”

“Oh yeah,” she drawled. “The grass is getting prickly.”

“And there are people, there, right in front of us.”

“I crossed my legs, okay!”

He stole a glance right at the hem of her skirt. “I wonder what color...” he stopped as she slapped him on the shoulder. “Ow! What was that for?”

“Guess then! If you’re thinking about it so much!”

“I was just wondering. You’re so prickly.”

“Like the grass.”

“So it’s green, huh?”

He expected the hit that was coming, but it hurt twice as much, nevertheless.


haha, cute little story!